Wearing Invisalign as an Adult: Is There a Stigma?

Wearing Invisalign as an Adult: Is There a Stigma?

People talk a lot about adult braces having a stigma, as they’re more difficult to hide than clear aligners. However, because Invisalign has been painted as a completely invisible, unnoticeable solution, some are surprised when other people notice. While Invisalign aligners are a much more discreet option, you may find that people ask you about them anyway.

Does this mean there’s a stigma? More importantly, does it matter? Research shows that people who are happy with their teeth are happier in general, and Invisalign can improve your confidence by a lot (The Angle Orthodontist).

Other People Probably Don’t Notice, But What If They Do?
Intentionally or not, people make decisions about your competence, confidence, and intelligence completely based on your smile. Studies in the British Dental Journal and The International Journal of Prosthodontics found that participants with healthier teeth were perceived to be more socially competent, smarter, and well-adjusted. So, does this translate to orthodontics?

It’s hard to tell. One study in the European Journal of Orthodontics found that people perceived others as smarter when they didn’t have an orthodontic appliance on at all; they were more negative toward metal braces, and about neutral to clear aligners. For people who are worried about being judged for their Invisalign retainers, perhaps that’s comforting.

But the real question is, does it matter if they notice or perceive you differently?
Your Perception of Yourself Is More Important
Much more research has been dedicated to your self-perception when you’re happy with your teeth. For example:

  • The psychological well-being of women is at risk when they have poor oral health or are unhappy with their teeth, according to the National Institute of Health (NIH).
  • People who are sensitive about their oral health and the attractiveness of their smile also have a poor perception of their bodies, according to a study on BioMed Central (BMC Oral Health).
  • Both males and females are becoming more aware of things to be dissatisfied with in their own smiles, per the NIH.
  • People who had orthodontic treatment and tooth whitening procedures perceived themselves more positively, according to a study in the International Dental Journal.

Your teeth matter to you. They matter to you more than they matter to anyone else. And did you know that when you feel better about yourself, you’re actually more resilient to the negativity around you?

When you feel good about yourself and who you are, things like other people’s perceptions of you don’t matter nearly as much. According to research in Educational Sciences: Theory & Practice, when you feel better about yourself, you’re more optimistic. When you are more optimistic, you are more resilient. And resilience is your safe-guard against all kinds of negativity and sadness.

You Have Control Over Your Smile With Aesthetic Dentistry
Having a smile that you love is important to your confidence, well-being, and success. Yeah, people might notice your Invisalign, but not only is Invisalign less noticeable and perceived positively compared to braces–it may very well be your path to greater life satisfaction.

If you’re happy with your smile, then you’re way ahead of the curve! If you’re not, you have the power to change that. We want to help you get the smile you crave and deserve.

Get Your Ideal Smile With Invisalign at Greene Street Dental
Your smile says so much about you, especially to yourself. If it’s in our power to help you reach your smile goals and start living, then we want to help. Allow our doctors to show you what your new smile could look like with some of our advanced technology. That way, you’ll have an end goal and something wonderful to look forward to.

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