About Us

Rewriting the Dental Experience With Compassionate Care

Over the past several decades, dental trauma has become increasingly common. Everyone has a story about that one dental assistant who made such an impression that you now shake at the sight of a dental chair. With oral health at the center of our medical and personal well-being, there’s too much at stake to be afraid of the dentist! We want to rewrite the wrongs that have been done to you and many others in our community.

Our team prioritizes kindness, comfort, and trust. You deserve a practitioner who is transparent and communicates with you as if you are an active participant in your health–because you are! It should be effortless to keep up with your dental health. We create an atmosphere that makes it easy to choose yourself and your health.

Excellent Care

We work hard to give you the excellent dental care you deserve.

Convenient Times

We make things easier with flexible, convenient scheduling options.

Advanced Technology

We improve our treatments by investing in the latest dental technology.

Comfort and Amenities

Creating an atmosphere that exudes peace, tranquility, and comfort starts with the lobby. There’s nothing worse than waiting in a sterile, unwelcoming waiting room for a brusque, impersonal dental exam. When you walk into our lobby, you should feel right at home.

Once you’re inside and out of the weather, you can enjoy a complimentary drink from the beverage bar. We also offer goodie bags with everything you need to get re-stocked on dental hygiene tools: a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, and chapstick.

As New York City dentists, we know what a hectic place the city can be. You don’t have a lot of time on your hands to make and keep appointments. That’s why we try to make it as easy as possible. You can complete your forms from your mobile phone, laptop, or desktop computer. Our paperless forms help you get ahead before your appointment. Plus, when you need to get on the schedule, you don’t have to wait or talk on the phone–thank goodness! Enjoy our online scheduling system for ease and convenience.

Directions to Our Lower Manhattan Dental Office

Directions From Broadway-Lafayette St. Station

  • Exit at Broadway-Lafayette Station on E. Houston St.
  • Walk west toward Crosby St. for 0.4 miles.
  • Turn left onto Greene St.
  • Walk for 0.2 miles and the destination will be on your left: 72 Greene St. FL 3

Directions From Canal St. Station near 6th Avenue

  • Exit at 6th Avenue and head NE toward Broadway toward Lispenard St.
  • Walk 0.1 miles, then turn right onto Grand St.
  • Walk 0.1 miles, then turn left onto Greene St.
  • The destination will be on your right: 72 Greene St. FL 3

Directions From City Hall

  • From City Hall, continue onto Murray St. for 0.1 miles.
  • Turn right onto Church St. and continue for 0.3 miles.
  • Stay right to continue on Church St. for 0.2 miles.
  • Turn right onto Canal St, then turn left onto Greene St.
  • Continue on Greene St. for 0.2 miles.
  • The destination will be on your right: 72 Greene St. FL 3.