ZOOM! Teeth Whitening

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening in SoHo

Every office has its own ideology on teeth whitening. At Greene Street Dental, ours is to get you in and out of your appointment in less time for better results. We aim to be flexible, so our busy patients can work their procedures into their schedules without having to shift around important appointments. That’s just one aspect of our dedication to accessibility. Zoom! Teeth Whitening isn’t just effective, it’s fast–so scheduling problems don’t keep you from looking your best.

Teeth Whitening Is a Versatile Service Delivering Huge Results

There’s a reason that teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures. It’s easy, effective, and transformative. Many people are already happy with their teeth but are just looking for a refresh before a big event (or as a treat to themselves). Others are hoping to do a complete smile makeover, and teeth whitening services are just one of several stages to a whole new look.

Whichever category you fit into, we’re here to help. Zoom! teeth whitening gets results fast, so you can flash your new teeth in fewer visits and with more vibrant results. Unlike other professional whitening services, Zoom! uses safe, blue LED light to break down whitening gels for a more noticeable difference in just one visit.

Are You a Good Candidate for Professional Whitening Services?

While teeth whitening may be more accessible than other cosmetic services, it’s not necessarily a good fit for everyone right away. The best candidates for teeth whitening are those who already have healthy teeth and gums. Fortunately, if you’re struggling with gum disease or tooth decay, that doesn’t mean you’re forever barred from whiter teeth. We can help you get ready for tooth whitening by getting your oral health in order.

We offer dental exams to make sure your teeth are healthy enough for whitening. If they aren’t healthy enough and you get whitening anyway (through over-the-counter kits or otherwise), you may experience prolonged tooth sensitivity and a heightened risk of cavities, gum inflammation, and enamel erosion.

Some Stains Can’t Be Fixed With Standard Whitening Techniques
Professional teeth whitening services are best suited to surface-level stains such as those a person gains from regular coffee consumption, wine, or colorful foods. Though a more intense whitening regimen can target and successfully lighten deeper, set-in stains, some of those stains won’t respond well or at all to whitening.

Fluorosis and tetracycline stains are two prominent examples. Fluorosis often appears as white stains or blotches on the teeth. It develops as a result of congenital defects, underexposure to fluoride, or poor oral hygiene. Tetracycline stains, on the other hand, appear as horizontal streaks of gray or brown discoloration, and they are a side effect of the medication tetracycline. Most of the time, the only people at risk of developing tetracycline stains were exposed to the medication before the age of 8. While Zoom! isn’t the best option for people with these conditions, we can offer cosmetic bonding or veneers instead.


How Light-Activated Whitening Works

All bleaching mixtures use some form of hydrogen peroxide because it has the capability of oxidizing and lifting stains from the dentin (the surface of the tooth). Zoom! Whitening uses blue LED light to heat the peroxide mixture, speeding up this breakdown process. Because the Zoom! lamp makes this process less time-consuming, your sessions are usually around 15 minutes long (as opposed to the standard 30).

Time is a huge barrier for many people, especially in Manhattan. If you’re struggling to make time for yourself, it can be a big ask to carve out an hour for teeth whitening. Zoom! makes that easier to schedule because you’re in and out in less time.

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A whiter smile is the easiest way to restore your confidence for a better day, every day. We can help you hit reset on yellowing teeth to reach your smile goals. If you aren’t yet ready for cosmetic dentistry, then we want to work with you to get there. Schedule an appointment at our office in Lower Manhattan. You can book online or call (212) 226-5777 today.