Advanced Technology at Greene Street Dental

Jul 31, 2023

Technology should make our lives easier–not more complicated. Thankfully, dentistry has become so advanced that the annoyances of traditional dentistry are almost completely a thing of the past. Not only does technology-based dentistry improve the quality of your care, but it can provide peace of mind about your care and help you reach your cosmetic dentistry goals.

Our dentists are trained in many of the best dental and oral health technologies. They are continually learning the best approaches and methods to utilize tech, so we can catch health problems faster, heal problem areas quicker, and cause less pain in the process.

Computer-Aided Design With Intraoral Cameras
If you’ve ever had a sticky mold shoved onto the roof of your mouth to gag on for 2 to 5 minutes, you’ve been a victim of the bygone area of modeling. These molds were created to precisely measure your teeth and gums, so the models could be sent away to another location. There, a dentist would create your crown, veneers, inlay or onlay, dentures, bond, or other dental restoration.

With Computer-Aided Design (CAD), we have the capability of precisely measuring your mouth without the use of a sticky mold. Using an intraoral camera, we can get accurate pictures of the inside of your mouth to design your new smile in the office!

That way, you get to see your smile on a picture of yourself before we even start on the treatment. For Invisalign patients, this can be a great way to know whether it’s worth the commitment.

The iTero Scanner
Our intraoral camera is called the iTero scanner, and it’s not just good for creating digital models of your mouth.

The iTero scanner can help us get an accurate picture of your tooth and gum health. With this close-up view, we can detect cavities earlier and in hard-to-see places. Specifically, the iTero has made a name for itself by detecting cavities at contact points between teeth earlier than X-rays can detect.

While X-rays are necessary and helpful tools, it’s a huge advantage to have another means of cavity detection that doesn’t require radiation. Plus, with the scanner, you can see everything we see, so you are empowered to make decisions about your health. Dental exams don’t make you feel powerless when you know what’s going on with your teeth.

Our Other Technology-Assisted Services

The iTero scanner is a powerhouse in our office, but that’s not all we can do. In addition to all of the standard technology in every dentist’s office, we have soft-tissue lasers that assist in many areas of routine and surgical procedures.

Soft tissue lasers:

  • Reduce healing time for surgeries
  • Help tissue heal faster
  • Reduce or eliminate bleeding entirely
  • Therapeutically reduce pain and inflammation
  • Aid recovery in gum disease patients
  • Assist with anti-bacterial cleansing during root canals
  • Sterilize teeth and gums
  • Whiten teeth faster

It’s getting easier and easier to treat oral health problems, and we want to be a part of that. Where we can reduce pain and pain points for our patients, we will.

Visit Our SoHo Office for Cutting-Edge Dental Care
An office that invests in its tools invests in its patients. At Greene Street Dental, our technology-based practice informs every aspect of our care. You deserve to play an active role in your dental and oral health, and you deserve the best that medicine has to offer. For dentistry that redefines what it looks like to take care of your health, schedule an appointment at our Lower Manhattan dental office today.