Here Comes the Sun: Dentists in Soho Deep Dive Into How the Sun Affects Your Oral Health

Mar 12, 2024

When we bask in the sun’s glow, our minds often wander about the warm embrace on our skin.  While it’s no secret that the sun can affect our moods and skin, did you know that solar rays play a part in your oral health, too? In this blog, our dentists in Soho shed light on how the sun affects your smile.

Vitamin D

Suppose your primary care physician has ever suggested adding vitamin D supplements to your daily routine. In that case, you might be 1 of 1 billion around the globe who suffer from a vitamin D deficiency.

Luckily, one of the sun’s perks is its gift of natural vitamin D for free! This vital nutrient aids in calcium absorption, which is essential for sturdy and healthy teeth. Insufficient vitamin D may weaken your teeth, making them prone to cavities. With caution, bask in the sunshine every day to keep your smile radiant and healthy!

Oral Cancer

Unfortunately, the sun’s UV rays are a double-edged sword. While the sun provides vitamin D, it can escalate the risk of oral cancer. The lips are especially susceptible to sun damage, potentially paving the way for cancerous cells.

Fortunately, it’s possible to be proactive against oral cancer and, at the very least, catch it early so that you have a fighting chance to combat this deadly disease. When soaking up the sun, rock a lip balm with SPF or wear a hat to shield your lips. Also, remember to inspect your mouth for any peculiar sores or growths on a monthly basis. Lastly, we strongly encourage adults to schedule annual oral cancer screenings with our caring dentists in Soho.

Dry Mouth

Did you know that dry mouth can be caused by sun exposure? As you lie in the sunshine, dehydration starts to kick in. If your body lacks moisture, saliva production slows down, leading to a parched and puckered mouth.

It’s important to understand that saliva isn’t just for digesting your next meal. Saliva is the unsung hero for oral health, fighting acids, clearing away food bits, and helping prevent cavities. Therefore, it’s important to stay hydrated to keep your smile shining bright!

Periodontal (Gum) Disease

While a bit of sun can brighten our smiles, too much can spell trouble for our well-being. Excessive exposure to UV rays from the sun heightens the likelihood of gum disease creeping in. Moreover, these rays can harm the delicate tissues in our mouths, paving the way for bacteria to sneak in and trigger infections. Fortunately, our gifted in-house periodontist is well-equipped to take care of your gums.

Our Dentists in Soho Keep Your Smile Bright

The sun isn’t just shining down on us; it’s also impacting our oral health! While a bit of sun can be awesome for our teeth and gums, remember to shield and limit yourself from overexposure and keep up with good dental hygiene.

If you want more tips and tricks to keep your smile beaming just the sun, don’t hesitate to contact our dentists in Soho. Greene Street Dental looks forward to keeping your smile radiant.